Alzheimers - Rage against the disease

Created by Dan on 10/08/2009
This is one of several "poems" I wrote while Angel was going through her illness. They are not happy stories, but they were an outlet for my feelings. Don't feel you need to read them - but some of you may find them helpful in understanding what we were going through. Be sure to click on the lower right to see subsequent "pages" of this "story." Rage against the disease My wife is missing She was my best friend She was my lover She was funny She was grumpy She argued with me She wasn't perfect Sometimes she is here during the day But at night, she disappears Someone else takes her place Someone who wants to "go home" Someone who wants to "see my mother and father" Someone who "can't do this any more" Someone who cries at the slightest pain, or hard word, or even a hard look, or for no reason at all Someone who talks in riddles, and gets angry or cries when I don't understand Something has taken my wife Alzheimer's has taken her You cannot argue with Alzheimer's You cannot bargain with it It is selfish. It is relentless. It does not care if you get angry It does not care if you get depressed. It does not care what you want. It does not care. Period.