Angel - Early life

1949 May - 1973 November

Created by Dan on 10/08/2009
Angel was born Angel Kathleen Rodriquez, on Friday, May 13, 1949. We always considered Friday, the 13th to be a lucky day. Her mom was Clara Rodriguez, maiden name Amado. She was known as Tutti. Her dad was Angel Raymond Rodriguez. They lived in East Los Angeles at the time, but moved to Van Nuys, in the San Fernando Valley - I think about 1952. Interestingly, this was almost exactly the same time that my parents moved from New York City to Long Island, a suburb of New York that was very much like the Valley. Angel was an only child, but she had a BIG extended family. Her parents both came from large families, and Angel had many aunts and uncles. When we got married, she had, I believe, 56 first cousins. I cannot provide too many details of her early life. I know she worked at Gold's Furniture after high school - I don't remember what the job was - and then at a bank, making calls to customers who may have had fraudulent charges on the credit cards. She started working at Warner Bros in 1972, which is where we met. We were married on Nov 17, 1973.